Product Marketing 

Show your logo on the shirt and cap while the character speak.


Make a powerful presentation with your avatar.

Wedding Fun

 Create animation for wedding, like how did you meet.  Animated wedding proposal

Why send card when you can wish with your avatar and create story too ?

Send us your photo!

For Animated pictures:


Make Your Message A Sensation
Get Affordable Animation Created For Everyone
It’s no secret…
Video has taken the Internet by storm, and its popularity is only going to increase.
And with Motionstudio, it is not just for the big guys anymore. We do:
• Memorable flash advertisements, website content and presentations for small businesses
• Fun personal videos and animated greeting cards for Facebook and other social media channels
• Catchy wedding proposals and love stories of the bride and groom
• Engaging educational videos
• And more…

The sky really is the limit with Motion Studio! Click here to get started with your video today!